TTF Golf League was formed in 2007 by a group of 7 guys in Phoenix that needed an outlet to get out and play golf (i.e., excuse to getaway from their girlfriends/wives) on a regular basis. We found that many of the opportunities to play in a golf league were restricted by either playing the same course over and over again (what fun is that?), were too demanding (every weekend for 52 weeks), everyone thought they were the next PGA Star, or so big that you had no camaraderie with the guys that you were playing in tournaments with.

Our goal was simple: create a competitive and fun golf league that made sense for the majority of golfers. Our aim is to give golfers a place to compete socially; to make connections with golfing peers that they enjoy playing with (during league events as well as socially outside of League outings), and make golf enjoyable again for the avid golfer.

We took all of the best parts of country club and local public course memberships, left out the junk, and added our own touch. We hope you agree!

- TTF Golf

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