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Welcome to the TTF Golf League!

Who Are We?

We are a men's-only traveling golf league, meaning that we play a different course around the Puget Sound area each event. Events are centered around Seattle, but we play in Everett, Woodinville, Bellevue, Auburn, etc. We have members from approximately 21-70 years old, and we welcome all skill levels from beginner to semi-pro. Even if you are just getting into the game you will find it enjoyable to come play with us in a no-pressure environment.

Is A Handicap Required?

Nope! If you have a handicap, great, we'll use your existing data. If you don't have a handicap then your initial league handicap will be how much over par you shoot on average. From there we have a formula to adjust your unofficial league handicap for each round posted, until 5 rounds are posted. Once 5 rounds are posted then we use the old USGA formula to calculate your handicap.

What Is The Cost?

Membership dues are $75 yearly (or $40 if you join past the halfway point in the season), which is cheaper than any other league we know of. The membership dues go back to the league 100% at the end of the year in the form of free pizza and beer at the league championship and cash prizes. In addition to your membership dues, there are event fees for each event you participate in. The bulk of the event fee covers your greens fees, plus practice balls (where applicable) and cart (where required, if carts are not included you are always free to purchase one separately from the pro shop). We will let you know prior to each event if balls and/or cart are included. Aside from the greens fees, we add approximately $15 for our event fees. That $15 covers: $10 toward the event prize fund, $2 toward the cumulative hole-in-one pot, and $3 for credit card processing fees. The average cost for each event is $100 and we generally play 13 events in the season, so if you participate in every event your total cost will be around $1,375.

When/Where Are The Events?

Please see our schedule for detailed information. We generally play on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from March through September.

How Does The League Work?

You will receive a sign-up email approximately one week before the registration deadline for each event. The sign-up email will have 'Yes' and 'No' buttons to let us know if you are planning to play in the event. Pre-payment for the event is required before the registration deadline, but can be done after initial sign-up. Once you are fully registered (paid) for an event, pretty much all you have to do is show up and play. You will receive an email containing the pairings (who you are playing with) and your exact tee time, approximately 48 hours before the event. One person in each group will be responsible for keeping an electronic score for the group, which is the official score. After the round we encourage everyone to swing by the clubhouse if you have time to come visit. Approximately 24 hours after the event the results will be published and prizes will be paid. You will earn points for each event that you participate and the points accumulate throughout the season. At the end of the season the top finishers in each flight will be awarded a trophy and cash prizes. The top finisher in each flight becomes a team captain for a Ryder Cup-style team matchplay event that is our final event of the season, and then the league pays for a banquet with free pizza and beer, paid for by your league dues. Then we do it all again next season!

What Happens If I Miss An Event?

We only keep the top 9 points out of 12, so although participating in more than 9 events allows you to improve your total points by throwing out your worst points, you can essentially miss 3 events without hurting your overall chances. We have some members that only play a few events and that's perfectly fine with us. If you feel like it's worth it to join the league to play a few events that's perfectly fine with us.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Right here!


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