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Joshua Erlich posted a round of 79 at Rolling Hills- Tempe on 02/03/2023 - Link
John Bono posted a round of 89 at Talking Stick Golf Club - O’ODHAM COURSE on 01/20/2023 - Link
John Bono posted a round of 88 at Papago Golf Course on 01/19/2023 - Link
Joshua Erlich posted a round of 94 at Walt Disney World Resort - MAGNOLIA on 12/22/2022 - Link
Robert Gross posted a round of 84 at West Seattle Golf Course on 11/12/2022 - Link
Alex Lee posted a round of 88 at White Horse Golf Course on 11/09/2022 - Link
Alex Lee posted a round of 82 at Washington National Golf Club on 11/08/2022 - Link
Alex Lee posted a round of 79 at Washington National Golf Club on 11/06/2022 - Link
Robert Gross posted a round of 83 at Jackson Park Golf Course on 10/30/2022 - Link
Alex Lee posted a round of 86 at Washington National Golf Club on 10/26/2022 - Link
Alex Lee posted a round of 80 at Washington National Golf Club on 10/23/2022 - Link
Ross Garinger posted a round of 88 at Wailea Golf Club - Gold Course on 10/21/2022 - Link
Phil Rose posted a round of 84 at Riverbend Golf Complex - Riverbend Golf Complex on 10/20/2022 - Link
Robert Gross posted a round of 82 at Wing Point Golf & Country Club - Wing Point Golf & Country Club on 10/19/2022 - Link
Alex Lee posted a round of 84 at Washington National Golf Club on 10/18/2022 - Link
Ross Garinger posted a round of 86 at Kaanapali Golf Resort - Royal Kaanapali Course on 10/18/2022 - Link
Dennis Yun posted a round of 77 at Willows Run GC - Coyote Creek on 10/17/2022 - Link
Robert Gross posted a round of 75 at The Home Course on 10/16/2022 - Link
Joshua Erlich posted a round of 100 at Willows Run GC - Coyote Creek on 10/15/2022 - Link
Kenneth Hall posted a round of 101 at Willows Run GC - Coyote Creek on 10/15/2022 - Link

Welcome to the TTF Golf League!

Who Are We?

We are a men's only traveling golf league, meaning that we play a different course around the Puget Sound area each event. Events are centered around Seattle, but we play in Everett, Woodinville, Bellevue, Auburn, etc. We have members from approximately 21-70 years old, and we welcome all skill levels from beginner to semi-pro. Even if you are just getting into the game you will find it enjoyable to come play with us in a no-pressure environment.

Is A Handicap Required?

Nope! If you have a handicap, great, we'll use your existing data. If you don't have a handicap then your initial league handicap will be how much over par you shoot on average. From there we have a formula to adjust your unofficial league handicap for each round posted, until 5 rounds are posted. Once 5 rounds are posted then we use the old USGA formula to calculate your handicap.

What Is The Cost?

Membership dues are $50 yearly (or $25 if you join past the halfway point in the season), which is cheaper than any other league we know of. The membership dues go back to the league 100% at the end of the year in the form of free pizza and beer at the league championship and cash prizes. In addition to your membership dues, there are event fees for each event you participate in. The bulk of the event fee covers your greens fees, plus practice balls (where applicable) and cart (where required, if carts are not included you are always free to purchase one separately from the pro shop). We will let you know prior to each event if balls and/or cart are included. Aside from the greens fees, we add $15 for our event fees. That $15 covers: $10 toward the event prize fund, $2 toward the cumulative hole-in-one pot, and $3 for credit card processing fees. The average cost for each event is $100 and we generally play 13 events in the season, so if you participate in every event your total cost will be around $1,350.

When/Where Are The Events?

Please see our schedule for detailed information. We generally play on the 2nd and 4th weekends of each month from March through September. Local events will generally be played on Sundays to try to avoid youth sports league games that would cause a conflict for some members. Events at further away courses will generally be played on Saturdays to allow for people wishing to stay the night.

How Does The League Work?

You will receive an RSVP email approximately 2 weeks in advance of each event asking you to RSVP for the next event. The RSVP email will contain all the info about the event such as whether carts and/or balls are included, the date/time, the cost, information about the competition format, and travel/loding information. The RSVP email will have "Yes" and "No" buttons to let us know whether you intend to play in the event or not. If you click "Yes" then you will have the option to pre-pay for the event at that time and to invite guests. Pre-payment is required for all events, but is generally only required 48 hours in advance. In other words, you can RSVP "Yes" for the event and wait until about 48 hours before the event to pre-pay and complete your registration. If you have a discount or free round at the course you are absolutely welcome to use it; just let us know so we can just collect $10 for the event fee and we'll have you take care of the greens fee with the course directly. Once you have RSVP'd "Yes" and have paid the event fees then you are fully registered for the event. The league will create the pairings for the event and send them out approximately 24 hours in advance which will detail who else is in your group, when your exact tee time is, and who is the designated scorer for your group.

The next step is simply to show up on the day of the event and find a league officer to let them know you are there. The league officer will assist you with finding your playing partners and getting practice balls (where applicable) and/or a cart (if carts are included, if not you may purchase one separately from the pro shop). The league officer will also assist you with getting up and running with the mobile scoring system if needed. There is no app to install for mobile scoring and it's extremely easy to use once you know where to find it. We ask that everyone arrives at least 15 minutes before the FIRST tee time of the day so that a league officer is present and able to assist you before groups start teeing off. After each hole is completed the designated scorer for your group will enter everyone's ADJUSTED GROSS (actual) score in the mobile scoring tool. Although there is only one designated scorer for the group, anyone with a mobile device is able to access the mobile scoring interface and view a live leaderboard.

After the round the designated scorer must hit "Submit Scores" on the mobile scoring tool to complete the round. We encourage everyone to stop by the course restaurant afterward to grab a beer and talk some trash, or just complain about their round. However we understand that golf is a big time commitment (especially with the travel required to some courses) so if you have to take off immediately after your round we won't hold it against you. The league officers will generally figure out the results and hand out prizes in the course restaurant immediately after all groups have finished. The results will also be posted online and emailed out generally within 24 hours after the event. You will earn a minimum amount of points simply for showing up for the event, with more points being awarded based on your performance in the competition. Points are accumulated throughout the season. The lowest points for a certain number of events are thrown out, so that you can essentially miss a few events without penalty. Very few people are able to make every event, so we've found that throwing out the lowest points helps keep things competitive towards the end of the season, which in turn results in more players at the final events since they still have a chance to win their flight even if they miss a few events. The person with the most points in each flight after the league championship will be declared the winner of their flight. The winner of each flight will receive a prize, a trophy, and will be a team captain for our end-of-the-year Ryder Cup-style team matchplay event. At the conclusion of the end-of-the-year event we head to a local restaurant to award prizes and enjoy free pizza and beer (or the drink of your choice) provided by your league dues. Then we say goodbye and do it all again the next year!

Where Do I Sign Up?

Right here!


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